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When the time comes for any couple or family looking to change their life style weather its upgrading the current home or looking for more space due to a growing family! Well let’s say at any point in some family’s life this is bound to happen for sure! So,let’s look at the factors when it comes to upgrading or looking for a new home! What are the options in the Sydney property market! Firstly,it’s very expensive where ever you look but if you make the right move this will be a very smart move in setting up the financial security for your future.

At Build Quest, we are defiantly not financial advisors of any nature but we can be sure to tell you if you are looking to buy compared to knocking down your existing home and building something more custom then purchasing and renovating you will be surprised the pricing for renovation compared to building a brand-new house!

So,let’s look at the options you have with us when it comes to purchasing a existing home and renovating it or purchasing a cheaper run down home in the selected area you wish to live and actually knocking down the home and building a brand new home:

So, options are:

Purchasing a home and renovation it – cost roughly $800000 for medium Sydney priced home and renovation cost roughly $100000 to $150000 depending on the finishes and so forth!

Purchasing a home that is run down to the point of knock down – cost roughly $700000 for medium Sydney priced home and cost to knock down and build a quality home $350000!

renovation cost

So, let be honest for a variance of $100k for living in an old home compared to a home that is brand new and customised to your standard with good quality inclusions plus home warranty insurance from a reputable builder! Compared so getting trades man that do not offer any insurance or warranty on their job for more than a short period of time compared to our standard of 6 years. This is a very big difference if you look at the comparable factors! Don’t you think!

Now that you have some sort of understanding of what the situation is if you were in the position on buy or knocking down that’s a general birds eye view! We have been doing this for many years! Our clients ask us what is the best solution to our current situation, so please make sure that when on our first consultation please do provide us with ALL the information necessary in regards to your project:

The can include:

  • arrowYour current ideas on what do with your project (weather knock down rebuild)
  • arrowHouse design ideas (any current design you have seen on our website)
  • arrowLand (Size, Slope, Soil Reactiveness)
  • arrowLand Scaping Ideas
  • arrowPool Build (All homes are fully complete in a restore style living when there is a pool)
  • arrowElectrical / Multi Media Built Ins (These can be provisions set for Media Rooms)

Really if you think about it the list is very long so we try to make sure that all the requirements that you need or ever dreamed about including in your new home build, write them down, ask the question its fine that’s why we are here to answer all the questions you have!

North Shore Homes offers it profound building services to the following areas in Sydney! Where we can facilitate our deliveries of materials with no issues! We are not like most builders where they say they are (Local) Builders when hence they are nowhere the vanity of the proposed job site! We are proud to be able to service these beautiful Sydney suburbs below:

Looking at the list of suburbs we have been building in for years give you a sense of the types and scale of homes that we build! From 1st floor additions to mac mansions we have been building these types of homes for our clients for many years! The most important factor when choosing the correct building company to build your home is to really do your research one question is:

  • tickAsk for previous client’s numbers to see how the whole build process was
  • tickShow progression photos of previous jobs as allot of builder don’t want to show this sort of thing.
  • tickAsk for previous project plans
  • tickCan you visit a completed job site?

These are some factors to look at when it comes to selection. As your home is your greatest and biggest investment in life! Making sure that the company that is responsible for this is q reputable long time, customer focused builder. Allot of these builders that chop and change a house in large volumes are not pure class builders! When you’re talking about a building company that builds a 60-square mansion on the water in the city, compared to a volume builder creating small dwellings in rows and rows with flaws. This is one thing that separates Build Quest from the pack!

What’s a guarantee on our end is that we can show you true blue customer service with a sense of professionalism that is second to none. You can talk to any of our clients ask them the level of service and definition we give to the term “service”. The truth is that our beliefs and values are to give the best project management for your build first time!

Quality of Materials

This can make or break the overall look and feel of the home! As it all comes down to the open living spaces you create with the abundance of finishes that completes the home. From tile selection, to wall colour, stone bench tops the thickness of the skirting all of this plays a part! Also, it either makes your home worth more or just another house on the market when you come to sell it! We will give you the advice on what’s current and what’s in to get the sale over the line if you’re looking to make a bang for your buck.

These factors can be the overall factors of the resale value which at the end of the day let’s be honest and not cover it with sugar! When you build, you want to live, enjoy and make money. So when it comes to spending a little extra for that from door being 820MM wide to 1200mm wide there is a variance of say $650 BUT note this to yourself it adds a large entry to an open area first thing the home presents is a sense of OPEN space living! Tick TickTick when it comes to resale and falling in love with the new home.


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When we bought our smart home we wanted to have a swim areas with gorgeous garden. The entire team of NS homes showcased magnificent results that were on time as well as within budget (much to our relief!). My whole family loved it! I can recommend North Shore homes for all those who don’t want ordinary, but great& amazing homes!
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