Looking for a quality builder for your new home and don’t know where to start?
Building your new home is one of the biggest investments in your life. It is therefore important that you choose the right builder with the tools necessary to build you a home that you and your family will love living in for a lifetime. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right builder for your new home.
1. Define your needs
Have a clear outline of what you need in terms of size and type of home. While some builders construct a broad range of homes, many builders generally specialize in a specific type of home and price range, like luxury homes for affluent custom home buyers. Look for a fit to obtain what you want from your builder.

2. Look for experience
Find out how long the business been around and if past home buyers are satisfied. Check if the previous customers would be interested in buying another home from the same builder. Remember that experience counts.

3. Is the builder licensed and insured?
Generally builders across Australia should be licensed and carry mandatory insurances. However these can vary depending on your state, the cost of the works and the contract particulars, so do your research and ensure that you are covered.

4. Look for a design fit
Although builders usually have experience in a variety of design styles and architectural details, make sure the builder you choose for your new home has work that covers at least a couple of examples of the style of home you want.

5. Warranty and service
In addition to having your brand new home and most of the systems and components under warranty, look for a structural warranty of ten years or longer on the home itself, ideally transferable to a new owner should you sell your home.

6. Resale value
Check if the homes by this builder have gone up or down in sales, keeping in mind some market fluctuations and other economic impacts on house prices. Look for house sale advertisements that specifically mention the name of the builder for a home for sale.

7. Industry involvement
Although it may not be crucial for a good builder to register with a local home builder association, such membership shows that a builder is committed for the long-term to the area.

8. Tour model homes
Visit the model or display homes to see some of builder’s work, paying careful attention to the look, feel and quality of the home. Consider the quality of the building materials as well as the interior products.

9. Check the quality of people who work for the builder
When you speak to the builder’s employees, check if they show sincere interest in you and your needs, providing good answers to your questions.

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