Building a luxury home from the ground up can be an exciting experience as you envision your dream home and then see it beginning to take shape right before your eyes.  It is however the culmination of years of hard work, so when you do it, you want to do it right. Here are tips on how to build a luxury house in Sydney.

1. Decide on the site and details of your home:

Compile a list of everything you must have in your ideal home, plus a list of things you would like to have, so that you can provide your luxury custom home builders with everything they need to build your perfect home. For example, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you will need, the layout ideal for your lifestyle and the style you want for your outdoor living area.Think about your budget, whether you are financing or paying cash, as both options will require some discussion and preparation.

2. Select your architect and home builder:
Whether you are altering an existing floor plan or creating a one-of-a-kind home, you require a skilled architect and a reputable home builder. Look for professionals that have already built residences that match your style and make sure the level of quality is high. Schedule a meeting with the architect and builder so you can get a feel for the people behind the name.

3. Review your contract:
Once you have done your selection, make sure you read every word on the contract before signing so that none of your specifications are let out, including the estimated date of completion. Have a list of all your discussions with your realtor and with the home builder so you can be sure everything is included in your contract.

4. Do your part:
Make your selections carefully and ahead of construction to minimize the number of change orders and to ensure materials will arrive to the construction site on time. You need to work together with the construction team to make sure everything runs smoothly. During the construction process, your project manager should keep you informed with regards to the various stages of your home.

5. Make an inspection:
When the building is complete, your home builder should provide an inspection of the home as well as a walk-through with you to ensure everything is as you requested. You can also do a home inspection of your own, which can be part of the contract. Review your warranty with the builder representative to see what is covered by the builder and what the manufacturers of the products in your home cover.

Are you ready to start building your dream luxury home now?
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