Are you ready to build your custom home, but don’t know how to begin? We are here to help you.
Completion of a true custom home consists of a number of major steps or actions that demand your participation and decisions, from finding your dream location to defining, designing and watching your vision come to reality. Without proper planning and the right team, building the home that represents your taste, style, and needs can be an expensive nightmare. The following outline will help familiarize you with the steps you need to take to successfully build the custom home.

1. Fashion your dream:
You need to fashion ideas and elements that you envision for your ideal home, right from the beginning, long before construction starts. Collect photos or tear sheets, tour completed homes and chat with an interior designer. Start outlining preferences regarding architectural style, room function, design elements, product features and lifestyle requirements.

2. Assemble the team:
One of the most important things in building a custom home is to hire a good team. Select a custom home builder that will offer design service or help you find an architect. Ask everyone you know for recommendations, including local realtors, lenders, building associations or even friends who have recently bought homes, to get the right professional.

3. Obtain references:
Ask the prospective builders for the names of clients, lenders, suppliers and subcontractors and get their opinions. Find out whether they were satisfied or if the project was managed effectively, quality of construction and whether the builder paid suppliers on time. Get sample contracts, construction schedules and warranties.

4.  Buy your land:
Identify and purchase the land for your home. The building professionals can help to evaluate potential sites as to their suitability for building, available utilities, and potential views.

5. Help craft the design:
Designing your custom home will require extensive discussions with your architect/designer so that you can analyses the cost/benefit of various options. This will help you establish a budget and finalize specific design and floor plan ideas, features and product elements to be included.

6. Track construction:
In addition to the decisions you need to make when formulating your home design with your architect, you will need to make numerous selection of materials or any changes required during construction. Significant buyer input on design decisions, product and colour selections will be required. In summary, the custom home building process can be divided into four phases namely, discovery, design, budgeting and construction.

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