Are you planning to build a project home?

A project home is a home that is built to a set design where a significant number of homes are built per year, to offer ready-designed homes (project homes) that customers can choose from. Choosing the right project home builder can be a tough decision to make. Here are tips on how to choose project home builders Sydney.

1. Look at previous homes built:

Look at projects that have been recently completed on home builder’s social media or simply ask for their previous work to examine their workmanship. Check if the company builds homes that suit your needs? Find out if they offer a range of options like single storey, double storey, duplex homes and custom built homes. Website testimonials and photograph scan help you in selecting a company that you have confidence in.

2. Customization to your new home:

Make sure your project home builders Sydney allow you to do customization within your home. They should have a range of floor plans to suit different land sizes, or the ability to adjust their standard plans to suit your needs or block size. Ensure that your project home builder can offer flexibility when it comes to the layout you require. A project home builder offering a wide range of basic house styles is more likely to have a house that you desire.

3. What are your inclusions?

Look at the standard inclusions that the project builder have and see whether they align with what you want in your new home. Some builders have very basic and even poor quality fixtures and fittings as their standard, while some consider essential items to be ‘extras’. Write down a list of what should be a must-have in your new home.

4. Can they fit you into your timeline?

Determine when you would ideally like to move into your new home and find out how their building process works. Check their building timeline to see if you’ll fit into their schedule.
Research on their reputation and ensure that you are building with builders that you can trust one hundred percent.

5. Licensing and insurance:

Look at their basic credentials, whether they are a licensed builder and if they have home indemnity insurance. You can ask your project home builder to issue you with a certificate of currency for home indemnity insurance before you make your payments. It is helpful to find a builder that specialises in the area you are wanting to build in and knows the council requirements in the city.

Have you decided on your project home builder?

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