As housing prices continue to soar, small houses have become popular in recent years. They offer a more flexible way to live and are even being used by charity organizations as a way to tackle the issue of homelessness in cities plus the need for social housing. Below are some tips for designing and building a small house.

1. Check local laws before designing
Small houses are usually built on trailers or have wheels to eliminate the need for building permits. However, it is important to check your local laws before you start designing as they can vary. This will help you determine the size of your small house, as well as whether there are any regulations regarding certain materials or where you can place it.

2. Have a good plan
It is essential to have a good plan for your small building because of every square centimeter of space matters. With good planning, a small house can feel much larger and more comfortable to live in. For example, you can eliminate the space that a traditional door takes by using sliding doors.

Maximizing window space can also create a more spacious environment. Bringing in natural light and views to the outdoors enables the person to feel as if the outside is an extension to the small home.

3. Avoid shrinking everything
Avoid shrinking bathroom space or bed sizes too extensively, as it hugely affects the quality of the living space. One way to go about things would be to consider having multipurpose furniture, such as storage beds, or a bookshelf that transforms into a desk. Such use of space can be extended to the architecture itself, with adaptable walls pulling out to become seating, and slotted back when not in use.

4. Consider the foundation and the roof
Foundations are important when designing a small house. It is important that you research the best foundation to use in order to suit the needs of your small house. The roof is also important when designing and building you a small house. For example, a flat roof may cause problems where debris and water can accumulate and if you live in an area with snowfall, you need to consider snow weights.

5. Focus on the weight
Weight is a big issue to consider when designing and building a small house. If the house is designed to be transportable, you must use lightweight material to minimize the weight of the house. If building your small house on a trailer, the amount of weight on the front, toward the tongue of the trailer, and on the back must be considered.

Less weight on the trailer tongue can end up swaying the house from side to side during transportation and if there is too much weight, it can overload the tires.

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